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Call Girls Dubai Indian Escort | 00971566756082 , My name is Aloka 23 years old am from india now living in Dubai (UAE).  I am gentle sexy, hot luxury & beautiful open minded so am here to meet Boys and men. However am good looking people,fantastic,gorgeous,exotic,motive with curvy shape i do different kinds of services, […]

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  • Sunjau

    Alina is the best Brunette baby doll bombshell I've seen ever in my life, she is hot, firm & tight body, great smile, all natural and very very sexy ! All over natural tan brunette and yammy attitude. She is young energetic, smart and realy friendly. I will be back to see her soon 'cause she is a real Superstar ! I highly recommend her!

  • Imran

    Alina is one of the very best, definitely on my Top 3, the apartment is ok but she really made up for her funny, Amazing Company, fellas, you would not be regretting booking Maxine for more then 3 hours!

  • Raju

    Mona lisa beauty and talent is unmatched. She will put you at ease with her skin that is as soft as silk, and blended with a 'naughty as hell' attitude, accompanied by a company with a smile every time.

  • Jimmy

    Gia was the best ever ! Very beautiful, an amazing figure and so sweet...I hope I get to meet her again sometime. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and it truly felt like being with a GF.

  • Peter Black

    Gia is lovely, funny, knows how to take care of someone, she has a good skill when it comes to hospitality, tall and firm, she is honest and forward, very real and i think what i liked about her most.

  • Adi

    I had a great time, a real treat. Mona lisa was simply delightful, attentive and unhurried. I left thoroughly satisfied and will not leave it so long before I see Mona lisa again.

  • Shazad Zahoor

    I originally booked some one else so seeing Katherine was a nice surprise. She has a cute baby face very beautiful with the most amazing eyes she was lovely I knew I was in good company. Had a lovely time wish to see her again! Treat her with respect she deserves the best x

  • Juan

    This is one reason why I love blondes, it's easy to fall in to the trap of wanting to see this one regular! She is perfect, very beautiful and sexy. Had a great time with this beauty one to remember!

  • Mike

    The lady is really beautiful, has an amazing smile and a drop dead figure. Poja is very responsive, thus the enjoyment was also mutual. Many thanks dear for a great time X best wishes,

  • Tyson

    This is one reason why I love blondes, it's easy to fall in to the trap of wanting to see this one regular! She is perfect, very beautiful and sexy. Had a great time with this beauty one to remember!

  • Purab

    The lady is really beautiful, has an amazing smile and a drop dead figure. Tina is very responsive, thus the enjoyment was also mutual. Many thanks dear for a great time X best wishes,

  • Noida Jal

    Bindia is very very easy going and chatty, I felt instantly relaxed as this lady does pamper you! Dear, you were brilliant and left me feeling really relaxed and happy before a long drive back home, great stuff! Can't wait to be in Dubai again! Thanks for a truly pleasurable hour. Recommend to everybody!

  • Puneeth

    Would any man be disappointed with being met at the door by a gorgeous woman wearing gorgeous underwear? Would any man be disappointed by then being kissed passionately? Would any man be disappointed by an hour of the most mind-blowing fun that actually had me burst out laughing at one point with the intense physical and mental pleasure? Would I go back - you bet!!! Rabina is a real star! x

  • Raj Kumar

    I usually like to take my time,as it somehow feels a bit more real. Once I expressed this to Tina she slipped right into it. We had a wonderful evening together, little cuddle first and chatted, Tina is amazing in every way, and she does know how to pamper you! It's worth the money just to spend time with her. Nice cup of tea to finish and no rush - perfect experience!!!

  • Haffez sahito

    Wow , just don't know where to start . I could just say she is the best thing i have ever came across in life. Have not seen her for long , visiting UAE in jan "15 , so excited to meet her up again .

  • Jackson

    Very Good Hospitality, she even has a Bar to welcome you, young and pretty, i really appreciate her Hospitality, she is kind and adorable, she has manners and is really polite, Spring is really more Summer then Fall, very good.

  • Amir

    Sofi is an absolute lady and has no need for disclosing tacky numbers... She knows exactly what she is doing and certainly pressed all the right buttons for me, and pressed them hard, including quite a few that I didn't even know I possessed. If you are looking for the date of your dreams which you never forget, do call this lady. Sweety, if you are reading this, thanks again for a great evening!!! See you soon!

  • Shiv Ji Mukiya

    i can confirm that Tina is a very special Girl, very forward and kept smiling all the time, she is so good, very hard to forget her as she has a strong present & there's something unbelievable about Tina, her smile will stay stuck in your head.

  • Edward

    Supna is a real Party girl, she knows how to party and how to make a man happy, she is a hard worker and an Absolute Sweetheart!!! Good hospitality, service, all good, knows how to tease and has more skills then most of the girls on that website, Maxine is the Top girl.

  • Robin

    Supna is a real true amazing experience, well recommended for a mature journey, she is all real and worth it the visit, also very funny and has great skills to make you feel very comfortable at her place or visit to your Hotel, she has a really good resume on most Agencies, real deal with Supna, Many thanks Again!

  • Jack

    Adella is stunningly drop dead  you would expect this girl to be some sort of model  I think I would marry her .. she was so fit she just set me off. An experience to be savored. I could not fault her. Thanks Adella - see you again soon XX

  • Anna Riao

    Very clean. Flat. Nice looking girl. Very polite and amicable. Great personality and great atmosphere. Would definitely visit again, one of the best girl around and so different then most of the girls out there, really 10 deserved it

  • Rakib

    Nice and beautiful girl. She is attractive with an amazing body but the best about Biliana is her beauty and perfect GFE

  • Edward

    This was not my first visit to see Neha, she is a beautiful girl with a firm and curvaceous body that other girls would die for..!! We spent a great evening together, Vicky is great to talk to; to look at and to make love to. She knows what a man enjoys and she will tell you what she enjoys. A fabulous evening, to be repeated very soon..

  • Anell Raja

    Lexy is a friendly, responsive lady. The thing I liked best was her really easy-going attitude. She is without a doubt one of the most raunchiest ladies I have experienced in a long time. Very sexy and horny,fantastic service 100% just what you want there is no faking with this one, definitely worth seeing. Will most certain be paying Lexy a visit again very soon.

  • Soloman

    Anal was a real delight, she is sexy, sassy, intelligent, a great kisser, and provided a great GF experience. This lady clearly enjoys her work. We felt immediately comfortable together and we chatted like old friends. The rest will have to stay in my memory! Our hour together passed all too soon and I look forward to seeing Lilian again next time I'm in UAE.

  • Ahmad

    Amazing service best hour I have ever had Her apartment was clean and luxurious. Her pictures don't do her any justice. Top marks and thx to Stefany

  • Nick

    very classy and elegant woman, she totally surprised me. best experience I've ever had. Clean spacious flat with a calming atmosphere.I have to say a great ending to my working week..

  • Arjun Kapoor

    it has got to be angel eyes because when you look into remsha eyes you are in heaven. This tall teen has an attractive face with the kind of blue eyes that really stand out, plus a mischievous smile. Perfect sized breasts (not too small), on a minx's body with a perfect bum and everything in the right proportions. Personality wise, an intense and wild kind of young lady with a naughty streak.remsha has everything, the looks, body & personality, I can't wait for my next rave.

  • Sulman

    Malika Rai is a wonderful addition to Eternity. Very friendly, attractive and looked just lie her photos. she was so great I had to stay an extra hour no disappointment at all.

  • Ranbeer

    Adelaide lives in a lovely plush apartment near UAE. which is very easy to find. She greeted me with a warm smile and offered me a warm drink. She is a very attractive girl and more importantly she is very attentive and kind. I would love to see her again I had a wonderful time.

  • Oliver T

    I actually visited Miss Mohini twice on this day, as she just struck me like lighting the first time, amazing! but in the interests of brevity, I will just report on the second visit. Miss Mohini welcomed me with a fantastic smile and immediately I felt her warmth and friendliness as so evident. She is just totally natural, and that created an instant bond truly a memorable encounter. Miss Mohini is the real deal and a total delight

  • Peter

    Very Rude and extremely agressive

  • Jackson

    Shezara is a very sweet and attractive young lady with a kind disposition. She was a little shy but to be honest I thought that was quite cute. Lilly is someone I would like to visit again. I had a lovely time.

  • Rafi

    Yes she is very pretty but a complete TOOL! Ok, so, I wait 5 mins at door, ok no problem. I come in, no shower offered, I had to ask, and it was cold and no lighting in bath!! Her Urdu is terrible, struggled to understand anything I said, I.e, ' can I shower'. Anyway, got down to business, OWO not offered, with only. Finished round one just about. Then things got utter ridiculous.. She had no motivation to get me 'back up' again.. Just sat around like a robot. I had to 'instruct' her to do basic things like ; offer drinks, massage , what positions would you like etc. I was really getting bored. She did not want to do round two, and I just had enough, my mojo had gone. Give her a miss..cos looks aren't everything. Btw, did I say her urdu was terrible.

  • Azhar Ali

    It was my pleasure to meet and beautiful and exciting girl. Shezara Khan has a very big personality and presence. It was time and money well spent. A great fun and friendly girl, definitely will meet her again. Nice central UAE,

  • James

    Shezara Khan especially  and sexy, friendly  amazing. Eternity came up with amazing girl again. This girl just arrived in the Dubai this week, I have to say her beautiful figure and doe eyes totally blew me away. Great friendly and unhurried service, I sure will book her again. Clean flat in a great location.

  • Pradheep mugilan

    Wow - Deena Meer   was very friendly, great body dress as requested in black mini & stockings "commando" style quite a turn on. The whole package was ushered and a lot of fun. She's no time waster and looks after you the whole time. Guys if you haven't seen her yet I suggest you hurry!

  • Samraat shukia

    Deena Meer  is an absolute star, very polite and attentive. Adela put meat ease and made me feel welcome from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised at how great she was.

  • Mark

    Amina is a fantastic women, she was warm and open and greeted me with big smile and offered me a drink. I felt really at ease with her like we had known each other for ages. I would love to see her again soon.

  • Ali

    Alina is a sweet petite curvy girl. She was friendly and warm although a little shy. I think over time she would relax more if I continued seeing her. Overall great service.

  • Raj Gurung

    Top class girl well recommended, Stefany you matched me with the right girl. Outstanding service with a amazing smile, Somia job well done. I had to write this review after our time together. Great central UAE flat with a relaxing atmosphere, Once again thank to Somia and Stefany for making my dreams come true.

  • Karthik Jeeva

    Remsham took her time and I didn't feel like I was being rushed. she gave me a perfect evening. She is a wonderful GFE, time spent with her was well worth it, if I didn't know better I would say she is a sexy 19yr old you would see dancing on a podium at a club. 10 out of 10 a total gem, just need to find another excuse to go back to see her again soon

  • Jhon

    Reina has a very amazing body, well portioned with lots of curves in the right place. The hour ended and I felt as it I didn't want to leave. Nice clean and tidy flat.

  • Alex

    Taina is an incredible young women, she greeted me with a warm smile and was very talkative. I liked how naturally attractive she was and she seems to really enjoy my company. Taina is very affectionate and often held my hand. I had a delightful time and cannot wait to see her again.

  • Ha Rish Pothai

    Maria is a great girl, very pretty with lovely eyes and a slim body, she was very sweet and friendly. When she arrived at my hotel I was a bit nervous but she quickly helped me relax. We got on really well so she stayed an extra hour.

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